Advanced Wastewater Management

The Isaiah House Rehabilitation Centre Case Study:

Looking For A Solution

The Isaiah House Recovery Center (formally an elementary school built in the 1960’s whose effluent was disposed into a 1-acre sewage lagoon) was looking to not only update its onsite wastewater system, but also have the ability to expanded increase the number of clients it serves at this location. Isaiah House had been previously told they had no hope to expand their facility.


The architects designing the buildings for the future campus expansion found Hydrodynamic Solutions (HDS) via an on-line search. Preliminary design discussions of the proposed expansion were held with HDS. HDS was contracted to perform a design feasibility study, which lead to Isaiah House Board of Directors hiring(HDS) to design and install a commercial onsite treatment and disposal system to fully meet the Kentucky Health Department regulations. The feasibility study findings showed that the present system was not fully functional and it was not financially viable to be repaired to handle the future expansion. With a combination of recorded water use, layout of the facility, and number of clients, the design flow need was an estimated 8100 GDP. This number would also be feasible to uphold the future expansion. HDS recognized an untapped resource space, which could be used in conjunction with the Board’s desire to drive an environmentally safe and economical plan. HDS recommended an American Manufacturing Perc-Rite® drip dispersal system that would not only dispense treated wastewater back in to the environment, but also serve as a supplemental irrigation system for the Isaiah House residents’ softball field.04


Prior to design, HDS validated the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) numbers at the site by effluent water testing which showed the campus facilities generated high strength wastewater due to the site’s residential dormitory and cafeteria daily functions. The effluent is averaging 800 to 1100. To treat this high strength wastewater the recommendations of the Kentucky Health Department were to utilise the following treatment tank designs.  Two (2) 8,000 Gallon Concrete Pretreatment Tanks, Three (3) 2,700 Gallon Fiber glass Fuji Clean USA Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU) and, One (1) 9,720 Concrete Dosing Tank. In addition, the Kentucky Health Department also recommended the installation of 23,000 lineal feet of drip tubing with each drip emitter capable of an effluent application rate of 0.6 gallons per day, per square foot of soil.
Two 8,000 Gallon Concrete Pretreatment Tanks:

Aeration devices were installed inside to reduce the strength of wastewater to a BOD level of ±300 mg/L.
Three FujiClean USA CE30’s:

 These tanks are designed without any mechanical moving parts inside for low maintenance requirements, high energy efficiency which lines up with the primary goals of Isaiah House Board of Directors. Each unit only draws 4.08 kWh/day of power which for Isaiah House is calculated a little over a dollar a day for all 3 units. (Each treating a hydraulic load of 2,700gallons per day).
One 9,720 ConcreteDosing Tank: 

With alternating duplex dosing pumps to send to the Perc-Rite® Drip Dispersal system.
Twenty-three linear feet of American Manufacturing Drip Tubing:

The disposal of the treated and filtered wastewater effluent, utilizing subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) is a unique, but tried and true dispersal system for distributing effluent into the soil. The system incorporates disc filtration, time and level-controlled application, and an ultra-low rate of drip distribution. This equals4.4miles of tubing in the softball field.


In our further commitment to the highest level of treatment, a Salcor 3G UV unit was directly coupled to the aerobic plant.The UV unit was permanently installed below grade with easy access from surface for easy service. As a result, the installation of the FujiClean USA CE30 ATU tankfarm went smoothly and the system is expected to produce BOD between 10 mg/L to 20 mg/L. The American Manufacturing Perc-Rite® drip dispersal system installed reuses the wastewater to supplement the natural irrigation of a previously unirrigated softball field.


“Isaiah House has been blessed by our relationship with Hydrodynamic Solutions. With a treatment center in rural Central Kentucky, our wastewater needs had become a challenge with a traditional septic system. HDS presented a unique solution that also proved to be cost effective. Furthermore, when we needed a quick replacement and expansion of the septic system at the Isaiah House Women’s Center, HDS was able to solve that problem in a timely and professional manner. We fully expect to partner with Hydrodynamic Solutions on a variety of projects for years to come.” Isaiah House Executive Team

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